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3 STEP PROGRAM and Healthy Mind encouraging words

1ST STEP is to be AWARE
Life can be challenging at times and we all need a time out. Go to a concert or listen to live music at a local place. Relax your mind & body from the daily routine. Be aware of what your putting your body through and make sure to not overload your system. Know your limits and capabilities at your preferred activity. Stop, Analyze & Act.

No matter how you feel about life, Everything will be OK. Keeping your mind & body healthy will help you achieve goals,provide clarity,energy and #liveto100. Clarity and Control of your daily thoughts and actions. We all have tough days, HOWEVER, keeping a positive mental outlook you will HELP YOU persevere through life obstacles.

Don’t let your mind stop you from your dreams & goals, just keep on moving forward. Never stop trying and keep chipping away at that dream. Keep believing in yourself and keep going never letting anyone or anything stop you. Remember: Great goals take great effort

** Consult with your Doctor about changes to your diet & activities

TEA Meditation
– Brew your favorite tea
– Find a location quiet & free from distractions
– Give ‘Thank you’ prior to starting
– Meditate :10mins to (1) hour or your time preference
– Bring your mind into your body & focus on the moment
– Do not focus on past or future
– Give ‘Thank you’ before sipping tea & when your done meditating
– During ‘Thank you’ dig deep with your thoughts
– Sip and Meditate
– Zen


– Read ‘The Man in the Arena’ By Theodore Roosevelt 26th President of the USA
– ‘Never say Never because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion’ Michael Jordan
– ‘Keep on keeping on’ CEO of One You tea
– ‘Do, or do not. There is no try’ Yoda
– ‘Cannot fly with Eagles if you hang out with Turkeys’ My Dad
– ‘Everyday we wake up to another beautiful day and another opportunity to enjoy life’
– ‘For every hater, there are Millions of those who inspire and believe’
– ‘When you feel you cannot, relax and try again. You can do it’

* Photo credit : Joschko Hammermann @hmmrmnn / Unsplash.com