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You’ve heard ‘you are what you eat’? We encourage you adhere that philosophy to every encounter with food & drink. Tea is on the other side of that coin ‘you are what you drink’. Help your body combat disease, boost your immune system and control your metabolism with daily tea intake.

1ST STEP to having a Healthy Mind & Body is AWARENESS 🙂
Starting with your ‘DIGESTIVE’ system, which is an amazing machine within your body. The Digestive system takes the food & drinks that you enjoy and turns it into Nutrients. Your Body then takes those Nutrients to use for Energy, Thinking, Cell repair and Growth. Focus on foods that your body enjoys to process and foods that reap health benefits. Be nice to your tummy.

2ND STEP is creating BEHAVIORS that build a strong Mind & Body 🙂
These behaviors start & end in (2) places : The Grocery store and your Kitchen. Going to the store hungry can lead to poor impluse purchases. Make a LIST before you go shopping and STICK to that list to avoid ‘impulse purchases’. KEEP your mind conditioned. The kitchen holds all your goodies to eat & drink. Purchase healthy snacks only, so when you’re in the kitchen you will stick to your plan and create/encourage proper health food behaviors. Junk food tip ‘if you don’t buy it, you will not eat it’

KEEP your mind filled with positive and healthy food thoughts. In this day and age we are bombarded with so much food information it can be overwhelming. Find activities & food that keep your mind & body active like cooking parties, Barbq with Friends, buy new kitchen products or master a dish. We all have our guilty food/drink pleasures, but use those guilty pleasures as a ‘reward’ system. There are millions of people just like you that want to eat healthy to be happy.

** Consult with your Doctor about changes to your diet & activities

Focus on YOUR Awareness, Behaviors and Enjoy life & food to achieve a healthy Mind & body wellness.

Weight Assisting Foods
– Almonds
– Whole Grains (Oatmeal)
– Lean Meats (Turkey)
– Low-Fat Dairy products
– Tea
– Berries
– Nuts
– Peanut Butter
– Avocado
– Olive Oil
– Fish (Salmon,Tuna)
– Vegetables / Leafy Greens
– Eggs
– Beans

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