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3 STEP PROGRAM and Exercise Calorie burning ideas

You can live to 100 and have a balanced Mind & Body by staying ACTIVE. And here is the best part, YOU pick from millions of activities to keep yourself healthy. You personalize YOUR life with YOUR activity choices. Mix physical & mental activities together to keep your body in motion.

Walking often as possible if you cannot do your favorite activities. (IE: breaks at work,lunchtime at work,etc).Walking is a great choice no matter your activity skill level for many reasons: Visual,Cardiovascular, Mental and Physical activity occurs at once. If you walk with friends/coworkers your talking & walking. Applies for extreme activity personalities & novice activity personalities. Why? Nothing beats taking a walk with a best friend and seeing nature.

2ND STEP is to Create many Activities 🙂
Build your days and weeks around a program and adjust according to the seasons. As you build your list of ‘activities’ stick to your program and expand on new activities. This will expand your knowledge and create options as the seasons move along. For example, swimming at the lake in summer, hiking in spring, more gym days during winter,etc. Go find many activity choices to keep yourself active year around.

3RD STEP is Keep yourself Mentally strong 🙂
We all have those moments when your mind tells you to quit. You know what I mean, those moments when your not motivated to do anything or stick to your goals. Don’t let your MIND trick you, just push yourself to do an activity. Don’t let a small moment stop you from your long term goals and dreams. Focus and don’t let someone else discourage you.

** Consult with your Doctor about changes to your diet & activities

* Photo credit : Kalen Emsley @kalenemsley / Unsplash.com