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For thousands of years societies around the world have been drinking tea for medicine, social and health benefits. Tea is the 2nd most consumed beverage in the world next to water. Treat your body with respect in order to achieve a healthy mind and body wellness. You’ve heard ‘you are what you eat’? The same thing can be said for tea ‘You are what you drink’.

Challenge yourself and go to your favorite search engine, type ‘Health Benefits of tea’. Thousands of scientific evidence is available online and so many health benefits derive from tea. Last I checked, I received (1.7) million hits when I searched. And just think, all you have to do is add tea to water to reap the benefits. What are you waiting for?

The human body is a machine and it works best when it’s being creative, active and eating/drinking healthy. Therefore we promote and encourage everyone in the world to do whatever makes YOU happy. No matter your interest, you have the right to live your life YOUR way.

The world more and more has been leaning away from soda and energy drinks due to their highly processed sugar content. Don’t get me wrong, we all have our guilty little food/drink pleasures. However, Sugar is related to many negative health issues. Tea has ZERO sugar. Awareness is the 1st step to a healthy mind and body.

No matter where you live you can enjoy tea. There are so many varieties which you will enjoy many flavors. Tea is the best drink choice because the flavors are YOUR choice. We recommend storing your tea in a dry & covered box/bin.

If you’re new to tea, we recommend Chefman tea products to assist you with brewing tea. I own numerous Chefman products and they are amazing. They are economic & offer an amazing line of choices. www.chefman.com

Remember ‘One life, One you’ , please stick around and enjoy a healthy life with us.

Enjoy and best wishes from One You tea