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Rooibos Herbal mint tea – Rooibos ORGANIC Red bush tea is a very popular tea from South Africa and yields a Caffeine FREE brew with essential minerals for the body. Rooibos, peppermint leaf,spearmint leaf and rose hips brew for a smooth,sweet,light herbal,minty & fruity tea.

Brew : 205°-212° for (5-9) minutes

Popular ways to enjoy the flavor:
– Add Honey
– Seafood
– Deserts
– Organic sugar
– Enjoy both hot & cold

TEABAGS – If you prefer your favorite tea in a tea bag, then you will love ‘Brew Tea Bags’. Tea bags for brewing larger amounts of tea at once versus a cup of tea. Restaurant owners love brewing larger amounts of tea. ORDER ‘Brew Tea Bags’ and receive (7) stringless bags filled with (4) grams of tea each. SIZE 5×4 inches

Health Benefits
Peppermint – Stomach/digestive issues, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), nausea, breath

Spearmint – Vitamins, antioxidants, boost respiratory health, digestion

Rose hips – Vitamin C, cold & flu treatment/prevention, immune system boost

– Packed with antioxidant properties
– Treats allergies
– Anti-inflammatory & anti-viral
– Improve Heart health
– Caffeine FREE
– Aids digestion
– Weight control
– Contains polyphenols

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