Tea diet

//Tea diet

Tea diet

As the owner of One You tea Ive always been active and health minded. Back about (7) years ago I reached 200 LBS with a 5′ 7″ frame by focusing on a heavy weight lifting program. Ive since backed off weights and focused more on non-impact exercises to prolong my joints/muscles. Recently in about a (2) month span I lost (10) LBs with a Tea lifestyle diet. Let me explain, I removed sugar drinks,beer and a few more bad drinks and added more tea drinks to my daily intake (Like i don’t drink a lot of tea daily already). Im now at a happy (169) LBs by drinking tea in combination of a non-impactful workout plan. Soon I will reveal my workout plan on my vlog. If you’re interested in more details email me at suggestionbox@oneyoutea.com

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